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“Echoes of folk, melodic apertures, very fast bluegrass phrases, and a profound sense of rhythm: Nicola Cipriani & Brad Myrick’s songs are little soundtracks to movies that each of us can project in our own mind, to go to our own favorite places.”

-Giulio Brusati, L’Arena, Verona, Italy 

"best show overall included (...) the duo of brad myrick and Nicola Cipriani providing a memorable night at the Warner town hall"

-Michael witthaus, THE HIPPO, New Hampshire US

“Wanderlust” is a new acoustic collaboration between Brad Myrick and Nicola Cipriani and, as the name suggests, sources its energy from the longing to reconnect with special paths and places. It’s also a ten-song instrumental conversation between two great friends who happen to be great artists. From the welcoming embrace of “992 Hopkinton Road” where the adventure begins to the post scripts of “Kearsarge,” Wanderlust invites you to listen over their shoulders as they reflect on places they’ve been and places they imagine. The result is an expansive, complex, but easy to love musical experience. Warning: This album may stir your wanderlust, too. - Alan Gross,

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