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Nicola Cipriani & Brad Myrick present an incomparable blend of music, culture, instrumental virtuosity, and an ever-evolving artistic vision. For years they have performed their catalogue of songs, completely composed for, arranged with, and recorded on two acoustic guitars, around Europe and the United States, filling clubs, theaters, and universities.  


2018's “Live in Bulb” EP was recorded live in front of a studio audience in Verona, Italy. 2019 followed with their first full-length studio album, "Wanderlust", and a subsequent tour on 2 continents. "Wanderlust" was truly an album of travels, with songs born from the artists’ individual experiences of touring the world. It was nominated for “Best Jazz Album” at the 2019 New England Music Awards, and the record release concert was named one of the “Best Shows Overall” in the state of New Hampshire in 2019 (Hippo Press, Dec ’19). 


"Reflections", the duo's second full-length album, and a bright point amidst an otherwise challenging 2020, was released to much critical acclaim. Axe Guitar Magazine says Cipriani & Myrick "Create a sonic journey...the sounds of the guitars are beautiful". “Reflections” showcases the duo’s artistic maturation, conceptualized and written from the shared experiences of dozens of concerts played and thousands of miles traveled together, from Florida to New Hampshire, and across Italy. The album presents a profound evolution of their music. Nine distinct compositions are shaped by suggestive ideas ranging from ethereal to cinematic, and by exciting forays into pop, world music, and the rhythmic traditions of American folk. Contemplative and intense, fun yet profound, “Reflections” yielded continued success for the inspiring young duo even after their 3-continent tour in support was canceled during the pandemic. Separated by travel restrictions, Nicola & Brad still released the EP "Live at Coastal Carolina University" in 2021, recorded during the USA leg of their Wanderlust Tour. 


Nicola & Brad have joyfully reunited to release their most ambitious work to date! "Silver Lining", the new album released on February 10, 2023, boldly expresses emotions grown from a journey interrupted, solitude, introspection, challenges, unrelenting hope, and new beginnings. They toured the USA in February and March, 2023 and are heading to Europe in April and May, 2023 in support of the album. Prominently featuring songs from Silver Lining, the show will also recall songs from past albums along with a few surprises. Nicola Cipriani & Brad Myrick captivate audiences with their live show, and continue to build upon an already impressive and prolific catalogue of original music. They invite you to join, and become part of their story with them. 



“Echoes of folk, melodic apertures, very fast bluegrass phrases, and a profound sense of rhythm: Nicola Cipriani & Brad Myrick’s songs are little soundtracks to movies that each of us can project in our own mind, to go to our own favorite places.” – Giulio Brusati, L’Arena, Verona, Italy (translated from Italian) 

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