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Grazie a Paolo Meneguzzi e alla sua Pop Music School che ha ospitato il nostro live streaming ieri sera. Abbiamo passato un bel momento di condivisione, parlando di musica, idee, storie legate al nostro album con un sacco di amici da ogni parte del mondo. Qua trovate il link per rivederla!

Thanks to Paolo Meneguzzi's Pop Music School that hosted our live stream yesterday night.

We had a great time sharing stories, ideas, thoughts and some music with a lot of friends all over the world. Here's the link!

Thanks for sharing our new single Borders!…

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This friday - april 24 2020 our new single Borders will be online in every streaming platform.

This is the first extract form Reflections.


Composed and arranged by Nicola Cipriani & Brad Myrick

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Luca Tacconi at Sotto il mare recording studio

Press by A-Z press -


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