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Nicola Cipriani (Verona, Italy) & Brad Myrick (Concord, NH, USA)  met in Bologna, Italy in 2009 and have since performed together in Italy, France, and the United States. A short intercontinental tour in November, 2018 produced the EP “Live in Bulb”, recorded and filmed in front of a live audience near Verona. Their current tour, in support of their first full-length studio album (recorded in the U.S.), again includes concerts in their respective home countries.


Cipriani & Myrick draw inspiration from many shared passions: the acoustic guitar, diverse styles of music including folk, pop, and world music, and a love of traveling and exploring. These themes are conspicuous and recurring on “Wanderlust”, rewarding the listener with distinctly clear yet complex experiences to accompany each song. The notes and spaces, intricately weaving melodic lines through a multitude of rhythms and harmonies, invite anyone hearing the music to be explorers themselves, and hopefully pique their own wanderlust.


This young, worldly duo showcases a blend of technical proficiency, profound interplay, engaging compositions, and a conspicuous love for the music they create - a rare treat for the casual listener and experienced critic alike.